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The scene is set in Pantalone de’ Bisognosi’s home. He is a rich and old Venetian merchant and his daughter, Clarice, is about to marry Silvio, Doctor Lombardi’son, because her former fiancè Federigo Rasponi, a wealthy man from Turin, was killed in a fight by the hand of Florindo Aretusi, who was in love with Federigo’s sister, Beatrice. The wedding ceremony which is attended by Clarice’s young maid, Smeraldina, and the local innkeeper, Brighella, it is suddenly interrupted by Arlecchino, who announces that his master, the real Federigo Rasponi is coming and his arrival surprises and upsets all the guests.

Actually, it is Federigo’s sister Beatrice disguised as her dead brother and just arrived in Venice and looking for her beloved Florindo, who is wanted for murder. The best man Brighella recognises Beatrice immediately, because she used to be his previous mistress in Turin, but he doesn’t expose her and he even invites her to stay at the inn he manages. Meanwhile, Arlecchino is starving and, in order to double his wage, accepts to serve Florindo, who is staying at Brigella’s inn as well. Pantalone is forced to give Clarice’s hand in marriage to the one he believes to be Federigo, enraging Doctor Lombardi.

At the same time Beatrice reveals her real identity to Clarice, making her promise to keep her secret and, when Silvio starts threatening to hurt Pantalone, she challenges him to a duel and defeats him. Silvio, mad with jealousy, disowns his love for Clarice, while the young lady herself starts to have doubts about her beloved Federigo. Arlecchino struggles trying to juggle between filling the orders of two masters at the same time and hile keeping on courting Smeraldina, causing a hilarious mess.

In order to save his own skin, Arlecchino is ultimately forced to convince each of his masters that the other one is dead, plunging them into despair. The two of them decide to take their own life, but right in the moment they are about to commit the act they meet and recognise each other. In this way, Pantalone uncovers the deceit and manages to persuade Silvio to go back to Clarice. The show ends with a triple wedding between Clarice and Silvio, Beatrice and Florindo and Smeraldina and Arlecchino, who, in order to win his beloved, is forced to reveal his scheme.


Arlecchino, character symbol of Italian Drama, and “Servant of two Masters”, Carlo Goldoni’s most performed play in the world, are back on the stage of Stabile del Veneto Theatre with a brand new adaptation. A bizarre attic packed with old trunks and a lively company of actors. With the audience arrival, the comedians open the trunks, discovering a bunch of clothes used over and over, dented tools and dusty musical instruments, just what it is necessary to bring this masterpiece back to life.
The perfect Goldonian theatre machine warms up its engines and the dust flies away thanks to songs and music, characters and masks come back to life and involve the audience in a blaze of colours, emotions and fun.
Disguising and recognizing, servants and masters, fathers and sons, dead and un-dead, duels and passion, joy and tears: in the show everything is doubled, just like Arlecchino, who multiplies himself in two (even three) in order to fulfil the impossible task to serve two masters and, maybe, even his own interests. Goldoni wrote “Servant of two Masters” away from his Venice and, in every line of the play, we can feel love and longing for a magical city, for a place unique, fantastic, full of life and where everything is (still) possible.
The incredibly talented cast brings together very experienced performers and young talents. The result is a classic play that cannot age because its roots are in the very history of theatre itself.

Giorgio Sangati


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Teatro Goldoni

Centralino 041 2402011
Biglietteria 041 2402014
martedì > sabato 10.00/13.00 – 15.00/18.30
Fax 041 5205241
Coordinatore direzione.teatrogoldoni@teatrostabileveneto.it
Richiesta informazioni info.teatrogoldoni@teatrostabileveneto.it
Orario di biglietteria martedì > sabato 10.00/13.00 – 15.00/18.30
In tutte le giornate di spettacolo 10.00/13.00 – 15.00/inizio spettacolo
Domeniche con spettacolo 15.00/inizio spettacolo


S. Marco, 4650/ B - venezia - 30124 - Italia


  • Air conditioned
  • One free drink at the Theater after the show
  • With english and french surtitles


Adults 30,00
Young people (up to 29) 15,00
Family (adult + 1 child under 18 years old) 31,00
Residents in Veneto 20,00

Teatro Goldoni – S. Marco 4650/ B – 30124 Venice

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Switchboard 041 2402011
Ticket office 041 2402014
Monday > Friday 10.00 > 18.30
Fax 041 5205241
Coordinator direzione.teatrogoldoni@teatrostabileveneto.it
Information request info.teatrogoldoni@teatrostabileveneto.it
Hours Ticket Monday> Friday 10:00 > 18:30
Saturday 10:00 > 18:30 only on performance days
The ticket office opens one hour before the show


Thanks to the exclusive Goldoni Experience Package Deals you will have the privilege to enjoy the Live Show at Teatro Goldoni and the best of Venetian cuisine for an incredible price!

Show + Aperitif at Florian Cafè
Since 1720 Florial Café has been the symbol of Venetian social life. Enjoy your cocktail sitting in the middle of Saint Mark Square, like one of Goldoni’s Aristocrats.

Show + Tasting Dinner at Graspo de Ua Restaurant
For over a century Restaurant-Trattoria “al Graspo de Ua” has accompanied its guests on their journey to discover the authentic Venetian flavors. Enjoy the special Tasting Menu reserved only to our public.

Show + Venetian Dinner at al Colombo Restaurant
Opened in the 18th century, “Al Colombo” Restaurant is the best way to end your evening, with its amazing cuisine and incredible location, so close to the Teatro. Taste your dinner in the open air, in a typical Venetian Corte.

Show + Aperitif at Florian Café25 + 15 €
Show + Tasting Dinner at "Al Graspo de Ua" Restaurant25 + 25 €
Show + Venetian Dinner at "Al Colombo" Restaurant25 + 40 €
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Video by Serena Pea