Teatro Del Monaco in Treviso


Built by Count Fiorino Onigo, the Theater was inaugurated in October 1692 with the opera Rosiclea, never performed before and probably written specifically. He followed the habits of the Venetians throughout the seasons.

In the 19th century the theater hosted the celebrations for Napoleon's wedding, three evenings in honor of Paganini and receptions of the emperors Ferdinand and Francis I and the Viceroy Archduke Ranieri. Due to management costs the theater passed to the Society of Box Owners but on 2 October 1868, it was destroyed by fire. Only the facade remained of the ancient Onigo Theater. It reopened in October 1869 with Faust by Charles Gounod.

Between 1869 and 1930 the Teatro Sociale experienced a period of particular splendor. It also hosted events for the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of Rome as the capital of Italy. Starting from 1931 it became part of the Municipality of Treviso. Included among the twenty-four "traditional" Italian theaters, starting from 1969 he curated the "Toti Dal Monte" International Competition.

An agreement between the Municipality of Treviso and the Cassamarca Foundation gave the latter the right to manage the theater for thirty years. On 15 November 2003 the hall, closed due to unusability in 1998, was inaugurated with a concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.



Teatro Del Monaco is located in Corso del Popolo, 31, 3110 in Treviso. From the train and bus station it is easily reachable on foot, with a walk of about 10 minutes.

For any information you can contact the ticket office by calling 0422 1520989 or by writing to biglietteria.teatrodelmonaco@teatrostabileveneto.it (see opening time).

Veduta sala principale Teatro Del Monaco
Dettaglio decorazione orologio Teatro Del Monaco
Foyer Teatro Del Monaco
Palcoscenico del Teatro Del Monaco
Buca dell'orchestra del Teatro Del Monaco