Art Bonus


With Art Bonus companies, foundations and citizens can support the Teatro Stabile del Veneto so that it continues to be a resource capable of effectively promoting inclusion and social cohesion. The Art Bonus is a tax benefit aimed at those who make donations to culture, entertainment and cultural heritage. Introduced by art.1 of the Legislative Decree no. 83/2014 and made stable since 2016, allows the donor to recover 65% of the amount donated as a tax credit in the three years following the donation.


Donations examples 65% tax credit Actual cost
100 eurs 65 euros 35 euros
500 euros 325 euros 175 euros
1.000 euros 650 euros 325 euros
5.000 euros 3.250 euros 1.750 euros



The tax credit provided by Art Bonus is reserved for citizens, companies and non-commercial entities that make donations to support culture, within the following limits:
  • 15% of taxable income for private individuals (natural persons and non-commercial entities)
  • 5×1000 of annual revenues for individuals with business income


  • Un Teatro per Tutti / A Theater for everybody

    Recently, the Teatro Stabile del Veneto suffered the theft of a "LEGO Ramp" created by the Ass. Talents Lab, built with 3,000 Lego bricks, by five young people on the autistic spectrum. The ramp was used to ensure access for people with disabilities. This incident has highlighted not only the urgent need to restore physical accessibility, but offers the opportunity to ordinariize accessibility in all its aspects to ensure that the theater is a place for all.

    The objective of the TSV is to:

    - increase the number of Lego ramps in our spaces up to 3
    - make up to 4 shows accessible to the deaf and blind in the 2024/2025 season
    - activate inclusive workshops for families for the 2024-2025 season
    - create summer theater productions accessible to disadvantaged minors who do not have the opportunity to access the theatre.

    The "A Theater for All" project represents a unique opportunity for the Teatro Stabile del Veneto to strengthen its commitment to inclusion and accessibility, responding in a concrete way to the challenges presented by the theft of the ramp. With the support of the community, associations and Art Bonus incentives, we can transform this negative episode into an opportunity to raise awareness in the community on the topic of breaking down barriers that are not only physical and architectural, but also mental and cultural.

  • Teatro sostenibile, inclusivo e innovativo / A sustainable, inclusive and innovative theater

    The Teatro Verdi in Padua, the main headquarters of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, is called upon to offer greater accessibility and to renovate its spaces for a theatre open to more and more users. The planned actions of the project are:

    a) refitting of the auditorium seats assuming spaces for disabled people and wi-fi connection;

    b) renovation of the foyer to be able to open it to citizens and social and cultural events;

    c) increase in technical equipment with audio, lights and wi-fi in the area open to the public.

    TSV intends to continue to offer high quality services for the shows hosted and products that are increasingly rich in technical details in both lighting and sound engineering. All interventions will be designed taking into account energy saving principles and technologies. With these interventions, the TSV aims to make the Theater of the city of Padua accessible and inclusive to the entire population.

  • Maddalene Digital Experience - Cultura OnLife
    Transforming Teatro Maddalene theater as a place of meeting and social inclusion. Innovate production processes thanks to digital transformations and new information technologies Creation of a new audience by equipping the Le Maddalene theater with a cutting-edge technical infrastructure, from wifi in the hall and stage to enjoy additional content in real time up to the provision of 4K projectors that allow the creation of virtual scenography, thanks also to the training of young technicians competent for the new professions and new professional figures essential for the introduction of information technologies. Increase the number of subscribers to the Backstage platform, the first on-demand theater platform with over 70 contents available 24 hours a day accessible from smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Dialogue through digital and social channels with younger audiences aged 16 to 30. Accompaniment of the public over '65 in experimentation and digital knowledge.
  • Celebrazioni per i 400 anni del Teatro Goldoni di Venezia / Celebrations for Teatro Goldoni in Venice 400 years
    Built in 1622, the Carlo Goldoni Theater is the oldest theater in Venice that exists today. Spectator of the great events of the past, it still presents itself today as a symbol of the city, a place of representation for its citizens and a center of attraction for numerous tourists. Carlo Goldoni himself worked there for almost ten years, from 1753 until his departure for Paris, writing some of his most successful works here.
  • Support for the purchase of technical equipment for the Teatro Goldoni in Venice

    The Teatro Stabile del Veneto would like to continue offering a high quality of services by increasing the technical audio equipment for the Goldoni Theater in Venice. The shows hosted and produced are increasingly rich in artistic details.
    You plan to purchase:

    • 2 digital audio mixers
    • 6 audio speakers
    • 4 subwoofers
    • 8 monitor speakers
  • Training Support - Teatro Stabile del Veneto
    The support for research and innovation activities and the interest in the training of the numerous theater professionals have always animated our mission: to nourish and spread theatrical culture through a renewal action that aims to undermine clichés and conventions is the the objective that is closest to our hearts. The workers are the beating heart of theatrical activity.


To enjoy the tax benefit provided by Art Bonus it is necessary to make the donation via traceable payment systems. You can donate by making a bank transfer:

BENEFICIARY: Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni
IBAN: IT90O0103012190000003353104

REASON: Art Bonus – Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni – Tax code or VAT number of the patron – Name of the intervention (optional)

For information regarding Art Bonus, contact: Alessia Fasolo