The Teatro Stabile del Veneto “Carlo Goldoni” was created in 1992 thanks to the membership of the Veneto Region, the municipality of Venice and the one of Padua; afterward, the municipality of Vicenza (but only until 2011) and the Province of Padua added as founders. It was directed by Giulio Bosetti from 1992 to 1997, by Mauro Carbonoli from ’97 to ’99 and then by Luca de Fusco from 2000 to 2009. From January 2010 to July 2014 the director was Alessandro Gassmann and the present one is Massimo Ongaro. Francesco Raimondo Donà was the president since its foundation until 2002 and then Laura Barbiani (until 2013) and Angelo Tabaro (2018); nowadays the Teatro Stabile is presided over by Giampiero Beltotto.

Since the foundation, the theater has managed the venues of the Goldoni Theater of Venice and the Verdi Theater of Padua. From 2001 to 2011 the artistic direction of the cycle of classical performances of the Olimpico Theater of Vicenza was held and later also managed by the Teatro Stabile (from 2003 to 2009). Among the Italian Teatri Stabili at regional dimension, the Teatro Stabile is the only one that is able to manage two distinctive theaters based in two different provinces. The theater seasons of Goldoni and Verdi theaters usually start at the beginning of November and end between April and May.

During the years, well-known European directors such as Benno Besson, Lluis Pasqual, Pierluigi Pizzi, Jacques Lassalle, Gianfranco De Bosio, Maurizio Scaparro could set their productions at the Stabile and famous actors like Marcello Mastroianni, Giulio Bosetti, Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassman, Lello Arena, Eros Pagni, Lina Sastri had the possibility to play as main characters. Furthermore, new young talents (e.g. Sergio Romano, Gaia Aprea, Max Malatesta) could express and state their skills in our productions. The most recurring productions are Goldoni’s plays and theatrical plays of ‘600 and ‘700 but also the contemporary drama (Bordon, Puppa, Manfridi, Groppali) is not excluded; when the Olimpico Theater was a part of the management board, the repertory included ancient drama which was recently integrated with the Venetian drama of the last century.

The performances of the TeatroStabile del Veneto are usually relevant in the theatrical national panorama: since 2002 important tours abroad were organized with stops in significant locations such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Moscow, Hamburg, Barcelona and Madrid.

In collaboration with the ETI – Ente Teatrale Italiano (Italian Theatrical Authority) the Stabile was responsible for the institution of the Eti-Olimpici Awards from 2003 to 2009, whose panel of judges composed of approximately 400 theater performers chose every year the main characters of the theatrical season. The ceremony has always been held in the Olimpico Theater and aired on Raiuno, while the winners have been received at the Quirinale.